I’m new to this so be patient….

I’ve always been a “big lad”, over the years I’ve been active, played a lot of sports but in reality my diet and lifestyle was never the best.

Over the years I’ve also had to deal with a lot of personal issues that I’ll no doubt go over in due course.

My weight started to get worse in around 2008/09 due to my cravings for Coca Cola, take away food and lack of exercise. In April 2015 my weight had reached an astonishing 51.5st (716lbs)

I kept getting abscesses and infections on a pouch of skin that had formed beneath my stomach on my bladder area. These would become so painful and regular I’d be spending at least 5 days a week in bed, but at this point I’d become housebound and hadn’t stepped outside in approx 3 years..

Something had to change. I had been moaning about the pain on Facebook for a while and so many people were telling me to go to the doctors, but I was so used to the pain and the infections that I just let them pass in time.

On the 7th of April, I rang the doctors, unable to cope with the pain any longer.

“What’s the problem?” said the receptionist.

“Everything, I can feel myself dying and I need a home visit” I said

“We only give home visits to the elderly and disabled” She replied

“I’ve not left my home in years, I’m so big I doubt I could get inn a taxi” I said to her, hoping she would see how much I needed their help.

After basically saying I would go to the local paper if she wouldn’t help me she was relenting and said that she would book me in for a visit but would not know what time that would be…

Later that Day the doctor came out, he listened to me break down in tears and tell him how I’ve merely existed for the past 3 years. He then told me that he was going to put me in touch with a nutritionist, a clinical psychologist as the only way to save my life was bariatric surgery.

So this is where it all began in terms of my redemption, I’ll update again soon..


10 thoughts on “I’m new to this so be patient….

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  1. Very open and honest reflection. I look forward to hearing more from you. Keep positive and never give up, when you’re knocked down get back up and fight on. Lots of love.


  2. Eye watering here so honest and true darl, the strength you’ve shown from the facing upto getting the help too fighting on after the op is absolutely amazing I loved this its a lovely honest open read post more! Well done keep up that fighting sprit xxx

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  3. I’m very proud of you sharing your story. I’d say you’ve taken the 1st step into getting healthy…im probley the worse procrastinator around.im 51 yrs old and I’ve been over weight my entire life…ive had 6 kids, and never really lost any weight after their births….
    So now I’m wanting to do the same as you…
    Get healthy!!! I’ve already got high blood pressure, an boarder line diabetic. So, you posting ur story, gave me the courage to heed this head on.
    So, thank you very much….and God bless!!


    1. I’m 2 years in to my journey. There’s a lot of weight gone. And I’m still trying my best. With weight loss your diabetes should clear, mine did.. keep positive and set yourself small targets.


  4. I think you’re inspirational Paul x
    You always motivate me with your words and ever positive attitude.
    Even on your down days you still find the strength to be positive.
    Keep it up and stay strong.
    You’re going to make it cos that’s who you are xxx

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