Part 7….

So now my weight is coming down steadily and Dr Gillespie (Psychologist) had mentioned in Feb 2016 about being able to get a Dr Awad come to see me, he is the surgeon who would operate on me. 

Now having surgeons come to a patients home and assess is extremely rare. But as my case was so severe it was almost a necessity. 

Dr Awad came out and he was really helpful, he explained that the plan would be to get me into hospital for a 4 week pre op stay to put me on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) to get my weight down. 

He asked if he could take some picture of me to see if surgery could be done, pictures from the side, front and also some of my stomach and panus area. 

Being perfectly honest I felt ok when taking the pictures until we got to the point where I’d have to get my stomach out and the panus area which is near my groin. It was so embarrassing but Dr Awad was fantastic. He was also very up front. He warned me of the potential risks such surgery carries, and also said that if he was unable to complete the surgery he was planning (a sleeve gastrectomy) he would put in a gastric balloon. 

He did say that the aim would to be admitted to hospital late April/ early May. He shook my hand and said I’d hear from him soon. 

It all suddenly became very real. Dr Gillespie put me in touch with a chap called Kyle. He, like me was a former doorman who had been given a gastric sleeve and would be such a huge help in the months to come. Kyle has since become a good friend who has been a constant source of support and knowledge. His journey, like mine has been ongoing for a long time and he’s nearly completed the process as a whole.

I’m my next post, I’ll go through the admission to the Derby Royal Hospital and my time on the ward. 

These are a couple of pictures Dr Awad took of me the first time I met him. 


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