Part 8….

So after discussions with Dr Awad, a plan was put in place. I was to be admitted to hospital on April 8th with a 4 week pre op stay on a vlcd (very low calorie diet) with my operation taking place on May 5th.

The reason for the VLCD was to shift as much weight as possible to be as safe as possible for the operation. Now I’m not too sure as to how much I weighed on admission. But I’d estimate it being in the region of 275kg (43.3st, 606lbs). 

The day of my admission, Kyle offered to take me to hospital as there was a problem with the bariatric ambulance. It was my first time in approx 5 years of leaving the street where I live. Kyle took me on a bit of a tour of Derby, showing me how much the place had changed. It became abundantly clear to me that I’d missed out on so much. 

We drove through Breadsall where I spent the early years of my life. Drove past the house I was born in, the same house where I grew up. And through the city till I was met by a couple of porters who took me up to Ward 313 of the Derby Royal Hospital. 

When I got to the ward I was wheeled (my walking was still really bad) to my room, side room 5 and was greeted by the sister on duty at the time. 

The first couple of hours were a bit of a blur. So many people introducing themselves, making me feel welcome. After a while I was asked what I’d like for lunch. I said chicken soup. The lady serving meals came in with 2 bowls. Which I thought was very odd as I was on a VLCD. I had my chicken soup and it was lovely (but more on the soup and how I came to hate it later).

I took the lid off the 2nd bowl and there was Jam Roly Pudding and custard.. now I love me a pudding but I couldn’t believe this was sent to me.. I sniffed it, it smelled amazing. But I called for the nurse and I told her that she had better take it away before I inhaled it. 🤣.

In the afternoon my dad and step mum came and made sure I was settled in ok.. they stayed for a short while and then that was it. I was alone, something I’d became used to after being housebound for so long. But this was different. My anxiety was really at its peak that first night on the ward with being away from my prison, my sanctuary. The hospital internet was really poor (to be expected really given the amount of people using it). And the selection of TV stations was just as bad. I had to pay for both which despite that, it would be a time consuming thing to help pass the hours.. 

The staff that night were amazing, checking in on me. But to be perfectly honest I was trying so hard not to lose it and leave for home I probably came across really ungrateful and ignorant. Little did I know the bond and love I have for these people that work on 313…

Next time I’ll go a bit further into the mental torture I put myself through whilst having the surgery that would change everything. 


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