Part 9…. 

So the first night came and went in what was my new surroundings. 

On the Saturday my dad and stepmum came to visit again, with my dads own ailments I was to soon realise I wouldn’t be seeing him as often as I needed to or would have liked.. 

The mad thing about hospitals is how quiet they become on a weekend, time almost certainly goes slower. I’ll fast forward to Sunday evening when my mates came to visit. Newts, Trev, Beesla and Rueben come to see me and I’ll be honest, it was probably needed more than the operation at that point. They arrived after going to Costa Coffee and said they didn’t know if I was allowed one. Being on the VLCD I wasn’t but what stood out was how gutted Rueben was at paying for everyone’s drink 😂. 

We had a few laughs and with me being in a side room, they stayed a little after visiting had finished. Once they left it was back to normality, stuck in a mental and physical prison, only this time it was a different location. I’d only been on the ward for 3 days and I was already craving the security of home. The mental safety net I had created myself, somewhere I could feel comfortable and at ease. 

But it was a case of this or be at a high risk of losing my life, with my size I’d sometimes fall at home and let me tell you, trying to lift 40st+ off the floor is a lot harder than you’d ever imagine. 

Monday came and the physio’s came to see me and asked if I’d like to go for a walk. It became apparent pretty quickly I’d form a bond with these 2 ladies, we’d have a laugh and giggle, they’d follow me with my wheelchair as they understood I’d only be able to walk so far and then they’d have to push me back.. Being completely honest, I probably managed to walk about 40 yards the first time we went. 

Looking back 15 months later I’m not only shocked but completely ashamed as to how bad it became. I was once a lad who played football literally every day, played cricket, worked etc.. I’d gone from that to a man who couldn’t walk 50 yards without feeling he was going to collapse.. 

After that first walk with the physio’s I knew how much had to be done. So I set about walking to and from the lifts as much as possible each day.. 

I was starting to remember the names of the staff on the ward and by the end of the first week it was starting to feel a bit more like home.

Next time I’ll discuss the first weigh in and the dreaded pre op…  


3 thoughts on “Part 9…. 

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  1. It’s odd reading this from your point of view. Really opens your eyes to see what you went through because although we knew you were anxious, the extent of it didn’t always show. You seemed very comfortable the first time I met you xx


    1. It’s easy to hide the cracks when people are about.. you guys were all amazing. Every single one of you. But deep inside I was falling to bits most nights. 😕


  2. Thanks fro writing this Paul both myself and hubby are overweight and are dieting and gyming. My hubby Paul is finding it difficult as hes recovering from bowel cancer and also has a chronic pain condition so its really hard work. But we’ll keep going.
    You’re an inspiration I hope you get your surgery.


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