Part 10…

So the day of my first weigh in at the hospital had arrived. 

The nutritionist came in with the scales and to my amazement I’d lost just under a stone in 7 days. Whilst I wasn’t enjoying the menu options, trying to do as much as I could was starting to work. 

By now, being poked, and injected became pretty normal.. The staff on ward 313 were absolutely amazing and felt more like friends than nurses HCA’s etc..

I’d try and be as happy as I could and as always with me it was easy to paint a picture over the cracks.. My dad was having mobility issues so I didn’t get to see him much. And with the lads working shifts, some days I wouldn’t have any visitors. Newt’s mum drives an ambulance with a lad I knew as a kid and they’d often poke their heads in to see how I was doing, as would the security lads Mark, Dean, Danny, Wayne & Malc. Looking back now, those visits helped so much. 

I also had a lot of help from my oldest mate Gaz, he came and collected my laundry because with me not being operated on for another 3 weeks, I didn’t need to be in slippers and pyjamas etc..
To help stem the boredom I was collecting football stickers which occupied the time nicely.. 

My friend Leanne was heavily pregnant when I went into hospital and she had given birth to a beautiful little boy, which she named Brax. She brought him in to see me and he was tiny. Literally sank into my chest when I held him.. Again, looking back that little lad has become a big part of my life. I love to see him and spend time with him. He brightens up the darkest of days. And I’d like to think he loves seeing me too. 

Another couple of friends who visited that week were Emma, and her 2 youngest girls Tori-Jane & Lucy. They made me a little decoration to hang in my room which was lovely. 
And also Elizabeth, someone who’s become a great friend over the years came with her 2 girls Holly & Freya. Having people like this in my life as a support is a true blessing and I and so thankful to them all, even if at times I don’t show it.. 

Over the next 7 days I kept trying to be as active as possible. Trev came and took me out in my wheelchair… He certainly drives a car better than he does a wheelchair but it was so good to be outside in some fresh air.. Every time I left the ward to walk or to go out with my mates I always joked I was going to the pub for a steak or the strip club… it’s my sense of humour and luckily the staff on the ward understood that.. 

In my next post I’ll write about the next weigh in and how I came close to walking away from it all.. 


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