Part 11….

Sorry for the delay in this post. I’ve been without a phone so it’s been a while…

I was coming to the end of the 2nd week of my stay. The staff had become easier to remember, and the diet had started to get to me. There’s only so much chicken soup a grown man can handle. I was weighed on the Friday and I had lost another stone! I couldn’t believe how quickly the weight was coming off..

Mentally it was starting to get a lot harder. My dad had taken ill with his own issues. The lads visits were not as often as I’d have liked due to their own lives and work. So most of the time I stayed in my room with my own thoughts and doubts…

Unless you’ve suffered with anxiety it can be really hard to understand where I’m coming from. But being in the hospital, alone and knowing my safe haven (my flat) was empty made me long to be there. On the Thursday I packed my bags and was literally ready to go home. I knew it’s where I wanted to be as it was safe. 

Just as I went to pick up my bag, one of the ward staff came in and asked what I was doing…

I explained to her that I wasn’t strong enough to stay there and that I wanted to go home. She told me that if I walked now, there wouldn’t be another chance for this operation and realistically I’d be going home to die.. 

She told me to sleep on it and see how I felt in the morning. Whilst in the hospital I began to make friendships on Facebook with other members of a group called “Let’s Shrink Obesity” there were 2 people in particular I connected with. 1 was a woman called Katrina who was always there to listen to me moan or go on when I was down. We’ve since become good friends and she’s always there. 

The other was a chap called Gino. Now he’s seen a lot of loss in his life. We’re close in age and he’s one of the most brutally honest guys I’ve ever spoken to. He tells it how it is and doesn’t care who he offends or upsets.. He says I motivate him and in truth he motivates me. He’s lost a lot of family and friends along the way and continues to be the best version of himself that he can be. 

The following week I was told by Dr Awad that we’d be doing the dummy run. It was a run through of what would happen the day of my operation to make sure the aperatus would carry me etc.. Now this was a scary prospect for me. But it went ok and by the time the operation came around Dr Awad wanted me to lose another stone to make his and his teams life as easy as possible..

Next time I’ll talk about my final pre op weigh in and th surgery. 


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