Part 12…. Operation

So the week of my operation had arrived. I was warned about all the pitfalls of the procedure and even though I knew the risks I just wanted it done.

The final weigh in went well. In the 4 weeks pre op in hospital I had lost just over 3st. Everyone was pleased. Myself I was kind of gutted as I was aiming for 4st but it’s not to be sniffed at..

The day of the operation came. My nerves began to kick in. As you will be able to see in the pictures I post with this part of my story….

The porters came and collected me just after lunch. The staff on the ward all wished me well and told me I’d be seeing them soon.. 

One of the student nurses, Bex asked if she could come into theatre with me, which after her being there on the ward for the 4 weeks I was delighted there would be a familiar face there with me till I was under.. 

I got to the reception of the theatre and my heart began to race. Dr Awad and a couple of the team came to greet me and told me I’d be walked down to the theatre shortly. 

It was only 5/10 mins but it literally felt like hours.. 

We got to the room before the operation theatre and the team was there waiting. They were all brilliant. A friends sister in law was part of the surgical team and she also made me feel at ease. 

The team got me on the operating table and wired me up so to speak. I was given the anesthetic and the operation began. After this I was told it really was touch and go as to wether Dr Awad could pull it off, after all I was the biggest patient he’s ever operated on. But the team he has with him are the best and the man really is a genius. 

It turns out that a sleeve gastrectomy usually takes between 60-90 mins. Mine actually took between 3.5-4hrs such was the magnitude and effort required. I was sent to recovery.

When I woke up it felt like someone had stabbed me in my lower back with a hot iron brand (like they use on cows). The pain was excruciating all along my shoulders, back and arms. I was so drowsy and disorientated.. 

I was taken back up to the ward and I can vaguely remember staff coming in to see me but it’s still a real blur. Now what a lot of people do t know is that after bariatric surgery, they have you up on your feet within a few hours of being back on your ward. It’s to help with the blood flow in your legs etc. 

Now bearing in mind I was still around 40st at this point and the nurses aren’t exactly powerlifters. I was in so much pain that they managed to get me on my feet and they then had to sit me in my chair next to the bed. My hands felt so strange, I couldn’t even grab the button to call a nurse.. 

I hated this. I wanted to die. I couldn’t do this. The pain was too much. I asked a nurse for enough morphine to end it. Thankfully she just smiled and said that wasn’t happening. 

The next thing I can remember is looking down to my left and seeing a pool of blood on my bag. The first thought was that my staples had come away (all kinds of thoughts went through my mind then) fortunately my cannula’s had come out. Still incredibly painful but at least my insides were staying put. 

I barely slept that night. I couldn’t lie flat due to the staples and I was in way too much pain. 

Next time I’ll go into the process of getting back on my feet post operation. I know I’ve said how bad it was after the op and how hard I found it in the hospital but it’s literally saved my life and I’d do it again tomorrow if the circumstances were the same. 


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