Part 13… Recovery 

So the first night back on the ward was the worst. In pain, feeling like the world was going to end and basically feeling sorry for myself. 

I must have slept 2hrs at the most. The following day was mainly being pricked, prodded and having the people on the ward checking in on me. I’m not completely certain but I don’t think I managed to get out of the bed that first day post op. 

The biggest concern was that they were giving me plenty of fluids through a drip but nothing was passing out he other end. As much as I tried I just couldn’t bring myself to go. I was told that if I didn’t pass urine soon, they’d have to put a catheter in. Now unless you’re an old man or just extremely unlucky you won’t know how much these suck. It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever. 

But within minutes of them getting it in, it was almost a release of pressure being let go. Over the next day or so, I started walking with the Zimmer frame, not very far as I was still in a lot of pain. I knew that it was a massive operation but nothing quite prepares you for the post op recovery process. 

I know that a lot of people were concerned about me, especially as I was so out of it that first night I couldn’t reply or contact anyone. My friends and family could ring the ward. But the friends I’d made online in the group “Lets shrink obesity” were inboxing me and the fact people I’ve never met in person were concerned was very heartwarming. 

So my recovery, although slow and arduous was getting there.

On the Wednesday, 6 days post op. I was messaged by Katrina that Larry Evans, the man who inspired the group “Lets shrink obesity” had sadly passed away.
 I came across Larry’s story by chance. He was a man who weighed over 800lbs and with his own determination and with the help of his friend Chris Booth was changing his life for the better. I’ve spoken on my Facebook page how much he inspired me to get my life back. His legacy will live on for many years and I can’t even begin to imagine how many lives the man has saved, just by having the strength to be honest and get out there and do something.. 

I was gutted. In fact I cried. I was meant to be going home and had been told I wasn’t and then hearing a man who despite his own health problems had inspired so many had lost his life, it got too much for me. At some point in the future I will do a full post about Larry and Chris. 

On the Thursday I was meant to be going home (again) but was told that the bariatric ambulance wasn’t fixed (again) so I made it abundantly clear that I was going home the next day. Even if I had to get a mates transit van and put a pillow in the back. I’d been in the hospital for 5 weeks now. I wanted my own bed and my own home. The people on the ward right up till the minute I left on the Friday were absolutely first class. They do a thankless task in that job. But they’re heaven sent. And I’ve made some great friends from my time there. 

Next time I’ll go into how the recovery wasn’t as easy as I’d have hoped… 

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