Part 14…. Home! 

So my day of discharge had arrived Friday 13th (what could go wrong right?)

The nurse told me that they would have my meds ready before lunch and yet again, Kyle came to the rescue because the ambulance still wasn’t available. I owe Dr Gillespie a debt introducing me to Kyle. Everything I’ve been through he’s already done it so it gives me a pretty honest perspective of what’s to come..

So whilst I was in hospital I decided to have my living room decorated, a new room for a new start of my life. My friend Paul who has been such a great friend did it for me with his dad. They did a fantastic job, when I got home I just sat in the room for about an hour and then my friend Emma came round. She’d been cleaning for me before I went to hospital and helped prepare me some meals. 

After Emma left I went to bed as I wasn’t feeling the best, the following morning the district nurse came out and hanged the dressings over the staples I had from my wounds. Despite being as gentle as she could it still killed. But the main thing was, I was at home and in my own bed. After 5 weeks in hospital their beds do not get any comfier as time goes by. Saturday evening, Trev came to see me. We stood outside by my trusty wheelie bin and had a chat. It was great to see him, even if it was only a quick visit. 

The next morning I woke up. Stood up to go to the toilet and felt the agony in both my ankles.. my old foe Gout had come back to say hello….

Now unless you’ve suffered with gout, you really cannot begin to understand the pain of it. It’s the most excruciating pain I can describe. You can’t put any kind of pressure on it. Even a bed sheet hurt too much to touch my ankles. 

I’d suffered attacks of gout for a few years so I knew what I had to do, plenty of fluids, rest it as much as humanly possible and wait for it to pass…

Sadly my body had other ideas, this wasn’t shifting, after 6 days (attacks normally clear in 2-3 days). I rang the doctors and spoke to the brilliant Dr Gould. He prescribed me some tablets that will help clear it and keep it at bay. Sadly they didn’t work either. 

A week after coming home I was still laid up and the nurse came out to remove the staples. This was a really weird feeling. I always thought it would be so painful. But not at all. One of my wounds was still not healed properly it was where they put the drain in my chest.. 

But the main thing was, I was in my safe place of home and despite the Gout, I was starting to heal from surgery well.. 

Next time I’ll go further into how long the gout attack lasted and my foray into a “normal” way of life so to speak. 

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