Socialising again….

So in January we celebrate a few birthdays within our circle. 

First up is Beesla’s, then Trev’s ending with mine at the end of the month. This year was different though. We had a new arrival in the form of the beautiful little Freddie Newton. The effect this beautiful little boy has had on our group is amazing. In some respects he’s brought us all closer together. 

So this year it was planned that we’d head into town for a night out. As always my anxiety was playing up on the day and I tried to relax, but it didn’t do me much use. 

With my mates, they don’t tend to rush for anything and we’re going to be in town late so I arranged to meet up with Gaz and a few of the staff members from the gym until the lads arrived. Now with me not drinking anywhere near as much as I used to it was a lot cheaper than I expected but fun was had still the same. 

We ended up in a place called “Josephine’s” that played mainly R’n’B music which suits me down to the ground. We had a great night with great laughs amongst ourselves. It was also really good to see some faces I hadn’t seen in years. 

The next night I had planned was to go to the EBF Boxing event at the Velodrome in Derby. 

2 of my mates were headlining the event with Nathan Ward, a well loved Derby lad going in against what can only be described as a mountain in Rob “Big Red” Lamont. Nathan gave up 12 inches in height and an incredible 10st against him. Sadly Nathan didn’t get the result but as always left it all in the ring. 

Next up was Vinny “Prince” Glover against Sam Godfrey. 

Vinny had chased Sam for this fight and there’s a genuine dislike for one and other. Sam being Sam was cocksure of beating Vinny, but what he wasn’t prepared for was an all out war that dragged him into the trenches. Vinny deservedly dethroning Godfrey with a convincing win over 10 rounds. 

Again I got to see so, so many people I hadn’t seen in years and had a top night. 

I was still exercising 5 days a week and the weight was steadily coming off, I’d lost 13kg in 3 months and was finally beginning to enjoy my life again.. 
Next time I’ll go into my first trip away in over 10 years and a huge surprise for my brother. 

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